Friday, April 9, 2010

ToDays BloG. 04/09/2010

Hey, So I Havent BloGGed In The Last 4 Days. But Im Here, So Yeah ToDay I Started Some oF My School Work, Mainly Worked On My MFII[Math Foundations II] Weekly Quiz,[Did I Ever Mention Im HomeSchooled This Is My 2nd Year] So Yeah Then I Went With mY mOM To Go Pick uP My Sis From TakinG The PSSA DownTown && Take My Bro To His Moms House. Then we Went And Got SomeThinG To Eat And Came Home. Yeah And I Got My Work Done I Jus Have My EnGlish Quiz For The Book Night By Elie Wiser To Finsh and My Digital Story Book For History On The French Revolution. Next Tuesday Glee Comes Back Iam So Siked Im Like A Gleek For Life, and Like Some Time In May The FreshMan Get To Chose Their Classes For Next Yr I Cant Wait BeCause I MiGht Chose Tech R PhotoGraphy[Yayness]. This Week Went By So Fast, The Lady That works At The Eye Doc Suppose To Had Called Yesterday To Tell My Mom If mY Glasses were Ready But She Hasnt Called, I Mean They were Suppose To Be Ready Like Las Thursday R Monday, and Come To Find Out By Accident They Got Shipped To The Other Eye Doc, In A Diff State Like Wow Okay. I Mainly Dont need The Glasses Basically for My Far Vison, SoYh. Oh And Im Startin Back On My Quran Studies I Gotta Sqeeze That iNTO My Somewhat Busy LifeStyle But Insallah[Gods Wwill] iT Will Be Done. I Cant Wait For The Summer BeCause Im Fiinna Grab mE a HalfTime Job Like I Need One, MayBe Ritas R SomeThinG Like That, I Need A Job IDC If its Flippin Patties R AskinG Do You Fries With That Shake, LmBo This BrinGS Me Back To An Episode oF The BoonDocks When They was Talkin About iF That RappinG And Stuff Dont work Out How They Gone Hit The Streets && One oF Them Said, Or We Gone Be FlippinG Burgers At Wendys With The Fries and Stuff I Do What Ever Shakes All That Extra Ketchup here You Need Some NapKin You Feel Me. Lmbo That Was Funny and EverBody Jus Turned and Looked Aat Him Like What The Heezy is He TalkinG Bout. Ok So Thats iT For ToDay. Catch You On The FlipSide. ASA. Adios, Au Revior. and all those GoodByes. =D