Sunday, April 25, 2010

Motivation Comes && Goes Like Gas Station[Costumers] Sedation For Unexpected Vactions.

Yeah Motivation comes and goes like gas stations[Costumers]-Gym Class Heroes-. So Today is Sunday Ugh I Hate The School Next Day FeelinG. I Have Some school work left to do that's Due Monday at 11:55 pm. Man I Cant wait for this school year to be over. So We can be On To The Next one. So I Found this website like some time last year its a language website actually i think my homeroom teach had it up in her Documents and i checked it out and signed up i'm taking french Spanish and Japanese[Hells Yes], So That way when ever i go to Tokyo Japan ill Be talking their Language.=). I Haven't had alot of motivation lately IDK Why, summers coming soon i still haven't found a Job and i need motivation to motivate me to work out more[lol] ive been slacking lately i mean last semester i Put the pro in procrastination this semester i really wasn't procrastinating now i see myself going back and thats something i do not want to do. My life is kind of boring and ok, i mean like i dont go out as i used to i used to go out all the time like really but now i'm just like blah theres nowhere to go, to the mall if i go to the mall all ima do is window shop[because ah duhr im broke] ahaha i have no JOB So no money i get money here and there but thats from my mom mostly and i want to be getting my own money. As i was saying theres nothing really to do now days theres school life religon and stuff, sometimes i wish a miracle would come that would make me really happy.=) My mom always says i dont have friends well i do just not alot i like just a few friends that i can count on my fingers i like my circle small and to my comfort level. I Used to have best friend but that's over, thats why i mostly keep to myself, and people always ask me why u so quiet maybe that's because i want to be or maybe i don't have nothing to say to you, i'm cool with some people they aren't my friends ill say associates, some people i known for a long time don't even act like they know me any more its a darn shame. But yeah that's life and i'm living it day by day, ive been living for 15 years 16 September 2. So may years just might be when i grow up i want to be just like me, yes nothings has ever changed about me except my age and me growing into a woman. but i'am still going to be and nothings going to change that, life is to short to be someone else so of course i'ma be me. And That My Fellow BloGGers Is How U Let The Beat Build.c(=
QOTD->Failure is not any option of mines for success is what i strive for-Amatullah Mei.XD
Word of the day-->Motivation: an inducement, something that motivates, a motivating force or influence.