Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday April 4th 2010.

So Today, I Woke uP Hopped In The Shower Got Dressed && Left With My Mom && BroTher. We Basically went For A Ride We were In The NorthEast Went To Whitman Square Mall and The Northeast Mall. We had went to the dollar store then we drove Home To West oak Lane Got Sum Mickey D's and Came Home. Yeah It was Fun GettinG Out The House For Sum Fresh Air and Plus iTs Real Sunny and The weathers Jus Right. I Bought Me Some Tropical Lemon Heads and A Dictionary and Some Stickers To Put On My Room Wall. Im GoinG To Use That Dictionary To Improve My Grammer, Well Yeah That What I Did Today I MiGht Play The Wii Later. Oh Lol Just Sum Minutes AGo, I Was DrinkinG My Coke And The As I Was SwallowinG It I Laid Back and I Started To Choke and iT Came Out oF My Nose, That was S0o Werid.
Ok Im Done Catch You On The Flip Side.=D
QOTD"All The World Is BirthDay Cake, So Take A Piece, But not Too Much."-George Harrison.