Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ok i Admit iT I'm Bored and Have Nada Damn ThinG To Do.=)

Ahhh So iTs 7:10 Pm RiGht Now, and i'm completly bored. Earlier i watched The Other Boleyn Girl and Loved iT. Now Im BloGGinG And About to Listen to Some Quran. Ugh I Need to drop Some Pounds, B4 The Summer=), I Do The sparkPPl ThinG On Utube i was on a roll but i didnt do it yesterdays so that knocked me off i might do it next week. Ok so I Did This A While Back Like In december oF 09 My Own freestly To Day and NiGht, ItS Lame So Yeah here Goes...Day && NiGht The Lonely Writer Seems To Free Her Mind At Niiqht, On A Clean Sheet oF pAper She Ryte's What's On Her Mind. The Lonely Ryter Seems To Free Her Mind At Niqht At At At Niiqht. At Home The Lonely Ryter Takes A Pen And Onto The White Sheet oF Paper She Lets The Verses Flow Oh Oh Oh Oh, slow mo Darn, I Had Something Then Lost iT. Lol Maybe ill Come Up with More. Told You my verses were lame. Ok well i think thats it, peace out and remember everything that shines aint all ways Gold. Oh wait heres another lame one when i was bored lol Not A Lotta Good Air In The World Now Day's, Can't Breathe So Many Fake Ppl Around Me. My Life's Is Covered In Drama Like Cake Covered In Icing.