Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello, CyBerW0rld && WhoEver Reads My BloG. Fine Day it was[Hhahaha I Always Wanted To Do That Talk Backwards Not Too LonG Ago maybe Last Yr I Found Out YoGa Talks BackWards Lol] AnyWays There Has Been No live Classes ToDay So I MainlY Have Work To Do. The Reason Why I Have No Work Is Because Of The PSSA's. I Basically Jus Have math History and health no English BeCause she didn't assign any[Yay me] But im done health for this whole week justt working on history and math[bleh]. Oh I Have 3 chocolate bars well not 3 any more jus two. He, But Yeah iTs Like 2 weeks left of April then may then June. oh Happy Days. Tomorrow Iam Going to Office hours for My HomeRoom Teach to make my schedule for next yr instead of waiting for May to do it so yeah. Oh and today in HomeRoom we played some game called Taboo, at first i thought what the heck is taboo then she explained and its soooo fun and easy i might play it with my cuzzins hehe and famm. Taboo is basically a word guessing game ok so like in Homeroom today the teacher would take one person in a breakout room and the rest stay in the main room and she has on the broad a word and underneath words that the person cannot say, Example Glue words the person cannot use to explain to the other people Elmer or sticky, they have to explain in their own words and the person who guesses the word wins. Look it up if my description didn't help at all. Thats All For TwoDay. Im Outtie. Peace&&PanCakes. Catch You ON The FlipSide. I Take The Road Less Traveled By. Quote Of The Day: "The Best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend"-Abraham Lincoln