Saturday, April 3, 2010

StartinG My Blog.

Ok, So I Was Sittin One Day This Week && Was Bored && Really Didn't Have AnyThinG To Do. So I Got Made Me A Sandwich and Kicked MY Feet Up && Got On My LapTop && Was SurfinG Stuff To Do And Came Across BloGGinG. So Here Iam, StartinG A BloG To Take Away my Bordemness, Yes. Well I Shall Be PuttinG Up A New BloG EveryDay Mainly ABout Whats GoinG On In My Life,[Lol, Like SomeThinG ExciTinG Ever Goes On In My Life]. But Yup && iF I Dont Post A New BloG Either i Was Really Busy WiTh School && Other Stuff R i Was Too Lazy R I Totally ForGot. I Easliy ForGet Alotta ThinGs, So Yh. iM GoinG To Enjoy These Last days oF SprinG Break BeFore School Starts On The 6TH. I Basically Did Nada Damn ThinG This SprinG Break I Was HopeinG For SomeThinG ExciTinG But NoThinG. I Need A Job Like ASAP Because I Want To Make My Own Money && Stop SpendinG Other Ppls, Like I BabySat B4 But I Want SomeThinG More ChallenGinG And What Not MayBe In The Summer I Shall Find One. I Noticed I Used Shall Twice Lol I Like SayinG That Word Shall. Ok So I`m Probably BorinG WhoEver Is ReadinG This Thats IF SomeBody Is ReadinG This. Ok Well Catch You On The Flip Side. I'm Out Too INFinity && Beyond. && May The Force Be With you. =) P.S. I Love Fried Chicken.=] Oh Lol && I Really Didnt Make Me A SandWich BuT I Did Get On My LapTop.