Saturday, April 3, 2010

Im Postin Again Because I'm Bored. =]

Ok Im PuttinG AnoTher Post Up because I`m Bored So Yeah This Is Jus GoinG To Be JusT About Random ThinGs. Have You Ever Tried To Think About What Would Life Be Like iF God Never Created Us I Always Try To Think But Its Like Kind oF Hard To Do So. At NiGht I Start To Act Really Silly && Craazy lOl Yes I Do.<---That Was RanDom. One Day i Want to Visit Tokyo Japan And Go To Their Fashion Shows and Their Disney World. I Like Chinese People I So admire Them Becuase Their Sooo Smart. Most oF The Stuff Thats Here Says Made In China Yup. I Want To Be Half Chinese[hAHa] and Learn So Chinese Maybe.Ok So My mom one day was askin Me and My Sis Who Is Now 18 Whoo Hoo Tunrt 18 On the 29th oF May Yay Her What Color Do we Want To Do Our Kitchen When We Get R Own My Sis wants hers To Be Pink[I Mean She Cud Do Pink and lime Green Instead oF Jus Pink Yuck I Cant Stand Pink] Me I Dont Have A Fave Color I Like Aall Colors Like The RainBow[No Iam Not Gay] My Mom Suggested Multi-Colored and i agreeded Because That would Be Cool and i was LookinG In That Ginnys CatalOg and She hAD Some Multi-Colored Stuff For A Kitchen In There Which was Awsome[In My Sam Vioce From iCarly =D], and That Gave Me The Idea oF WanTinG To Do My Room Over Multi Colored, That would Be N I C E. A Multi Colored Room With Diff Colors. But You Know I Did Have In Mind Baby Blue For My Kitchen Once Baby Blue Is CalminG To Me, But Then Havin Multi Colors Like red blue orange purple and all That In The Kitchen Would Make iT Liver I Think. Well Thats It. For Today. Im GoinG To watch TV Untill I Fall asleep. ADIOS AND All The Good-Byes In The World && I Shall Post Tomorrow. LOL I Said Shall Again.