Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today Today Today.=)

Todays Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday. Yeah School was Ok Today Got most of my work done i didnt have History today im having iT Tomorrow though i did have history work. Were doing WWI Now, Im amazed at how WWI Started from a 19 yr old Assassinating Someone[Wow] and then the countries declaring war on each other like wow. History can be sooo interesting, so today i washed my hair blowed dry it and was bumping it it wouldn't stay down lol it usually goes down not flat like when i get a perm but it wouldn't go down, it was static[iy] weird right? This Is the last week for April then May Then June Oh Boy Am I Syked. My last day for school is the 16th of June, I Need to start filling out Job Applications, Hopefully ill get one. The Sun Came out today and it stopped raining, but its kind of cold. Well thats about it for today. Catch u On The FlipSide. ill leave u with a picture i edited and the quote and word of the day.

Quote of the day:"Treat People as You Would Like To Be Treated, because Karmas Only A itch iF You Are."

Word oF The Day. Impossible::unattainable or impractical to accomplish; not believable of existing. "iT Takes Courage To Attempt The Impossible."
"iT Always Seems Impossible until iTs Done."