Tuesday, August 10, 2010

08/10/2010 Hello Blogger and Bloggies.[I'm back]

Ahhh I Have not blogged in months Whoa its been along time. I Guess school stopped me and then summer came And now its going. I'm so excited because Ramadan is tomorrow I Can not wait because Ramadan is My Fave Month in the Muslim Calendar. But i'll miss the first 3 days Bummer.>.<. I Hope to have an successful Ramadan insallah never know if this will be my last Or Everyone Last.O.o I Also start school on the 30th of August I'm starting to get that back to school feeling like i always get when school is starting soon but as soon as I'm in school I'm ready for labor day haha and winter break. I'am Most definitely going to try my best to make it to every Qiyamul Layal At the masjid if i don't have alot of studying and school work to do. Bit insallah i'll try to make the best it. I'm going to be a sophomore this yr Yippe and I'm turning 16 September 2 i get to take my driving lessons insallah. Well I'm Gone Like the wind...Until then. As Salamu Alaykum... &&Peaceandhairgrease.